September 18 – Leadville drive

We planned to just drive in to Breckenridge, but ended up continuing South and then around to Leadville.  We had fish tacos at a mexican place in Leadville, then headed back to the trailer.  We were gone about 4 hours.

Then took it easy watching a couple of John Wayne movies and updating this blog.  Finally all caught up again!


September 17 – taking it easy in CO

Spent last night in a Wal Mart parking lot.  Didn’t sleep well due to altitude, cold, and noisy highway.  We should have ran the furnace but we weren’t sure how it would do on battery.

We went to Wendy’s at 7am for breakfast then to the Tiger Run RV Resort by 8am.  We paid to stay here 3 nights.

25 years ago we honeymooned in a condo in Breckenridge, CO for one week.  Since Wednesday, Sept 19th is our anniversary we thought we would spend time here through Wednesday.

We took it easy today.  Drove into Breckenridge.  Noticed the snowfall on the peaks (pictures tomorrow).  Breckenridge has grown a lot in the last 25 years.

Meals – Wendy’s, pizza buffet, chicken cooked on our grill at the camper.

Played Dominion and watched an old John Wayne movie.



September 16 – UT to CO

Moved from Utah to Colorado, 455 miles, about 8.5 hours.

The RV park I had picked did not allow late arrivals.  So we spent the night in a Wal-Mart parking lot.  We didn’t know how the furnace would do off the battery so we did not run it.  It ended up getting cold.  They had their first snowfall in the upper part of the mountains.

Listened to more of “So you don’t want to church anymore.”  We had read it a couple of years ago, but we are really enjoying hearing it again.

meals – egg sandwich, Taco Bell, Lunchmeat sandwiches.


September 15 – CA to UT

We drove all day to move from California to Utah.  Nevada was very desolate and desert like.  Often flat, but we went through a couple of mountain passes.  There was a wreck near Elko, NV and we had to sit still on the highway for about 45 minutes or so.

Listened to “So you don’t want to go to church anymore”  Wayne Jacobsen wrote it under the name Jake Coleson.

Meals – Jack in the Box, Panda Express, Snacks in the truck

No pictures today.



September 14 – North Central California

We left the California seashore to head East.  We drove 300 miles in 12 hours.  Lots of slow driving through mountains.

We also drove through the Lassen Volcanic National Park.

We found an RV park in Susanville, CA to spend the night.



September 13 – Redwoods, Sea Lions

Today we drove to Crescent City to the north and explored the Redwoods to the East.

We found a seafood restaurant and there were Sea Lions on the docks nearby.

Meals – egg/bacon/muffin, Seafood in Crescent City, Sandwiches in trailer

Played Dominion.


September 12 – Redwoods

Today we moved from Gold Beach, OR to Klamath, CA.  This put us near several old growth Redwood forests.  We camped near a river where they do a lot of salmon fishing. Bears usually come out after dark to clean up where the fisherman had cleaned their fish.  A big black bear actually came up to the cleaning station while a guy was standing there cleaning his fish after dark.  He had to spray him with a hose to get him to leave.  The black bear came back later and picked up a white bucket and carried it into the woods.

We only drove about 75 miles, but made a few stops.

We took a hike in an area that has Elk.  We walked up on a bull Elk that was only about 20 ft away.  There were blackberry plants along most of the trail so we picked and ate them as we walked.

We also walked down to the river near our campground around dusk.

We met 2 couples at the campground.  First was Cher and Rod.  They inherited a house in San Felipe, Mexico.  Since Rod had lost his job they are able to live in San Felipe for about 1/12 the cost of in the US.  They were travelling since Cher had been working and Rod came to pick her up.  Dell and Darlene had a big bus motorhome, and were visiting from Napa Valley to go salmon fishing with some friends.

We played Dominion card game.

Meals – toast or something in the trailer, Hamburgers, Chili.


September 11 – Jet Boat Ride

Today we took an all-day trip on a jet boat ride at Jerry’s Rogue Jets.  It was 104 miles long, 52 miles up river then back down.  It took about 7 hours including a break and a lunch stop.

Apparently the upper part of the trip is very remote and they often see bear and other wildlife.  We did not see bear, but we saw deer, Osprey, Eagle, Otter, Sea Lion, turtles, ducks, geese.

Meals – toast and butter, beef jerky and cheetos at lunch break on boat ride, Chowder House in Gold Beach.


Movie of Jet Boat doing 2 spins


September 10 – Move from Coos Bay to Gold Beach, OR

We stayed only one night at Coos Bay since a camping spot was not available for multiple nights.

Before we left we visited 3 state parks that are right together on the coast in the Coos Bay area.  One of them had 100’s of sea lions just off the shore.

We stopped for lunch in the camper at Cape Blanco and took a walk.  It was very windy and cold here.

We stayed at Turtle Cove RV Park, which was within a short walk to the beach.

We took a walk along the beach but it was very windy and the sand was blowing in our eyes.

Movie with seal lions barking


September 9 – move to southern Oregon coast

Today we moved from the Crater Lake area to Coo’s Bay, Oregon.  About 200 miles with the chocolate detour.

We visited Lillie Belle Farms artisan chocolates.  We picked up some chocolate covered bacon, lavender caramels, dark chocolate, and some very spicy chocolate.

Motorcycle wreck – We were about 15 miles from our destination when we were stopped due to a motorcycle fatality.  A truck and trailer came into a corner at the same time as a motorcycle.  Belinda backed the truck and trailer up about 400 ft to get to a pull in to turn around.

We stayed at the Sunset Bay state park at Coos Bay.  The Oregon state parks were very well maintained and often had electric and water hookups.  In other states we usually ended up picking privately owned campground.

Game played – Ticket to Ride.

Meals – bagel & cream cheese, Arby’s, Seafood restaurant in Coos Bay.

Prospect, OR to Coos Bay, OR drive