August 25 – Arrived at Yellowstone

We drove from Sundance, Wy to the Yellowstone Fishing Bridge campground.  We arrived at Yellowstone through the East Entrance.  The ranger at the gate warned us that there were Bison reported on the roads, so take it easy.  We found one near the road, then a small heard in a few more miles.

We found out there will be little cell phone coverage in much of the park.

We continued listening to the 2nd Otori book during the drive.

Meals – egg burittos in camper, hot dogs at a gas station, Spaghetti in camper.

Driving across Wyoming
Driving across Wyoming, most of mid Wyoming looked pretty much like this.
east of Cody Wyoming
East of Cody Wyoming, getting into Mountains.
Big Horn Sheep
We spotted 2 Big Horn sheep between Cody and the Yellowstone East entrance.
Younger Big Horn Sheep
This younger Big Horn Sheep was directly across the road.
Buffalo herd
Small herd of buffalo between East Entrance and our campground.

When we got out to take pictures of this herd, we talked to a father and daughter from northern Iowa.  They were in the area to purchase cattle.  They asked us to take their picture with the herd in the background.