August 26 – Yellowstone

Today we explored the southern loop that goes along the lake, then to Old Faithful, and many cool geological things.  The geological things are boiling hot pools, mudpots, geysers, etc.  Many colors, sizes, and variations.  Many of these were more fun to explore than seeing Old Faithful go off.

For wildlife we saw several buffalo just walking right next to the road.  They would just be walking along, swinging their head, ignoring the cars going right next to them.  We also saw several  Elk from a distance (a bridge overlooking a river and field).

Reading/Listening – Psalm 104:5 and discussion about Earth established forever.  Finished Otori Book 2, downloaded Otori book 3, but did not start listening to it.

Meals – egg sandwich at camper, Hamburgers at a diner at Old Faithful, Beef jerky and bagels.

Lots of hiking today around the geological sites.

Female Elk spotted in southern loop of Yellowstone. Saw the Bull Elk, but did not get his picture.
Old Faithful
Old Faithful going off around 2:34 in the afternoon.
This made me laugh out loud. “Apparently Dyslexia is not a good excuse for driving 53 in a 35.”
large hot pool
This is the largest hot pool we saw. I think about 40ft across. Very clear water – you could see the bottom very clearly. It was boiling hot.
Shallow hot pool
This was very shallow, hot pool, but it was kind of cool getting the clouds reflected in it.

We had a few sprinkles while looking at some of these boiling hot pools.  So you could stand in the hot steam, and get sprinkled with cool raindrops – very cool feeling!

Buffalo next to road
We saw this several times – a buffalo just walking right next to the road.