August 27 – Yellowstone

It is Monday, and Josiah is missing 4 days of Calculus at Maple Woods this week.  So Belinda and him worked on homework all morning.  They kind of struggled with some of the concepts, especially Trig related, but they completed most of the problems.

A propane tank ran out last night, so it was getting cold until I went outside and switched to the other tank.

We walked through the park general store in our area and purchased a couple of T-shirts.  We also filled the truck with gas, and the propane tank.

Today in Yellowstone we explored northeastern Yellowstone.  The first stops were on the southern rim of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  There are 2 big waterfalls here.  As you drive north you go over a beautiful pass.  Then as you head out the Eastern valley drive there were Buffalo all over the place.

We continued listening to the Otori 3rd book while driving.

Meals – egg sandwiches in the camper, Peanut Butter and honey sandwiches out of our cooler while in the northern valley, and Stew prepared in the camper in the crock pot during the day.

Buffalo dusting
We spotted these buffalo before we reached the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone area. We stopped and watch them for a while. Many were rolling in the dust.


upper falls
There are 2 big water falls in this area. This is the upper falls.
lower falls
These are the lower falls. The canyon is getting much deeper here. Not quite the size and grandeur of the Grand Canyon in Arizona but still very impressive.
lower falls again
Another shot of the lower falls.
This is near the top of the pass as you drive up the northern loop. We got a phone signal here, so we stopped, talked to family, and enjoyed the beautiful view.
buffalo at stream
There were a 100 or so buffalo nearby, but these are a few that came to the stream. Others were crossing the stream a little further down.
herd of buffalo
Herd of buffalo, there are many more than pictured, maybe 200-300.