August 30 – Finish drive to Seattle

We drove 166 miles and arrived at our campsite at Issaquah, WA.  We will stay 4 nights here so that Josiah can attend a PAX gaming conference.  Issaquah is about 20 minutes from downtown Seattle.

We drove down to the convention center to make sure we knew how to get there tomorrow.

We drove to a Camping World store in Des Moines, WA to pick up a new hose (ours started leaking).

We drove to Wally’s Chowder and Seafood and had Chowder, Fish and Chips, and Fried Prawns.  Good stuff!

Listened to podcast “Two Men and a Bible.”

We had a cable connection and Belinda watched a couple of episodes of Little House on the Prairie.

I bicycled up a paved path (mostly pushed it), and rode it back down.

Sun Basin RV park
Didn’t really get many pictures today, but we snapped this one of the park we stayed in last night.