August 28 – Last full day at Yellowstone

We did lot’s of exploring through Yellowstone over the last 2 days, so we were ready to take it easy.  We mostly stayed around the camper, went to the general store, and drove down the road 10 miles or so to get a phone signal.

Our favorite thing of the day was seeing 2 buffalo walking right down the middle of the right lane with a line of cars behind them.  We were headed the other way, so we stopped in a turn-off to watch it for a while.  We never did see them waiver from walking just to the right of the yellow lines.  Cars coming the other way would slow way down so the cars behind the buffalo hardly got a chance to pass the buffalo.

Watched the movie “Sarah’s Key” about the Jewish deportation from Italy around 1940.

Meals – bagels & cream cheese, leftover spaghetti and stew, turkey burgers and au gratin potatoes.


Forest fire
We watched this fire over several days. I believe it was southwest of Yellowstone.

2 buffalo
We were driving north. These 2 buffalo were travelling south, in their lane with a line of cars behind them. Some cars were getting around them.2 buffalo again2 buffalo - 3rd shot

2 buffalo - closeup of one