September 1 – Taking it easy at Issaquah

Dropped Josiah off at PAX.

Yesterday was a long day of exploring Mt. Ranier, so we took it easy today.

Did the laundry at the RV park.

We drove about 5 miles east to a state park forest.  We wanted to walk in the woods but found that we needed a permit.  The permits are 11.50/day, or $30 per year.

We washed the truck, and bought new 10 ply tires for the truck.

I started reading “Catching Fire” on Kindle which is the second book in the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.

Belinda is reading “Zvi.”

Meals – bagels and cream cheese, Sandwiches in trailer, Grilled chicken and baked potato.

Josiah was able to get into some tournament play at PAX and mostly got smoked by others that play the games many more hours than he is able to.

dropping Josiah off
Dropping Josiah off for PAX conference
dropping Josiah off
Dropping Josiah off