September 12 – Redwoods

Today we moved from Gold Beach, OR to Klamath, CA.  This put us near several old growth Redwood forests.  We camped near a river where they do a lot of salmon fishing. Bears usually come out after dark to clean up where the fisherman had cleaned their fish.  A big black bear actually came up to the cleaning station while a guy was standing there cleaning his fish after dark.  He had to spray him with a hose to get him to leave.  The black bear came back later and picked up a white bucket and carried it into the woods.

We only drove about 75 miles, but made a few stops.

We took a hike in an area that has Elk.  We walked up on a bull Elk that was only about 20 ft away.  There were blackberry plants along most of the trail so we picked and ate them as we walked.

We also walked down to the river near our campground around dusk.

We met 2 couples at the campground.  First was Cher and Rod.  They inherited a house in San Felipe, Mexico.  Since Rod had lost his job they are able to live in San Felipe for about 1/12 the cost of in the US.  They were travelling since Cher had been working and Rod came to pick her up.  Dell and Darlene had a big bus motorhome, and were visiting from Napa Valley to go salmon fishing with some friends.

We played Dominion card game.

Meals – toast or something in the trailer, Hamburgers, Chili.