September 6 – Fruit Loop

Today we are heading to Crater Lake area in southern Oregon.  We plan to stay 3 nights in this area at an RV site that has Internet.  This will allow me to update this blog and enjoy the area.

We could have bought a whole steelhead salmon for $25 in the Hood River area.  We passed on it since we would be travelling much of the day and didn’t know if wanted so much.

As we leave the Hood River area to drive south on hwy 35 we go through an area called Fruit Loop.  The Fruit Loop is an area where fruits and vegetable have excellent growing conditions.  There are about 30 or more fruit stands and wineries in this area.  We stopped at Smileys and purchased cherries, peaches, blueberries, pears, and cherry preserves.

We drove near Mt. Hood, took a few pictures, but didn’t go into the area.

We took an unplanned stop at the Newberry National Volcanic Monument.  It had a nice visitors center.  We took a short walk.  We considered unhooking the camper to take a drive in the area, but decided not to take the time.  But we did open up the camper and eat lunch here.

We read Fudors to learn about the area.  Belinda read Psalms and a Kay Arthur book.

We camped at an RV park about 35 miles south of Crater Lake.  Somehow I missed how far it was from the Crater lake area.  We could have stayed within the National Park, but we would not have had Internet.  It would have had electric hookup only.

meals – breakfast was egg/cheese/bacon on muffin, lunch was salad and cheese and jerky, dinner was a small Papa Murphys pizza purchased on the way down and cooked in our oven.  The oven did not do so good.  It burnt the middle right away so we pulled it out and finished in the microwave.  Maybe we can raise the rack next time.

We played a few games of Dominion.

Belinda watched a couple of old war movies while I updated a few blogs.