September 7 – Crater Lake

We are at an RV park south of the Crater Lake national park.  We plan to be here 2 more nights.

Today we spent all afternoon in the Crater Lake area.  We drove around the rim taking pictures.  There is only one place where you can get to water level.  They operate a tour boat and you have to walk a mile down a steep hill and then back up.  Or you can just walk down and up.  We decided to not take that walk.  Crater lake was a beautiful blue clear color.  The tour boat looked tiny from the rim.

We also stopped at a creek north of where we are staying.

We stopped at Becky’s cafe to get an appetizer and a piece of Huckleberry pie.

In the morning we played a couple games of Dominion.

We reviewed our travel plans for the rest of the trip.

Belinda watched a few war movies while I updated the blog.  Caught up through today! :-)